kneelbeforemistressphil: I hate you all. This is the best most wonderful tumblr in the world.


awww thanks~

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Anonymous: Would you mind telling us about your sex dream with dongwoo?? ^^


yeah so i conveniently texted claire about it this afternoon so i didn’t have to type it all out again.

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listen, you boys with the shorty shorts, knock it off.

love, noona

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I’m sorry I haven’t been postin on sebootyism :( Can you guys forgive me? 

Will this gif of sebooty make it better?


hey ya’ll dun wanna burst any bubbles, but that fine booty is ze:a’s dongjun~

this has been your friendly neighborhood kpop thigh n’ tush enthusiasts.


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welcome to the land of thick thighs and plump behinds
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