And to celebrate, we are holding a special anniversary giveaway for our wonderful followers! Here’s how it gonna go down:

  • To enter, simply be one of our great followers and reblog this post
  • Likes do not count, but each reblog will count as an entry (don’t do any spamming tho, thats just cruel to ya followers)
  • On April 26th we will randomly choose 2 winners
  • The winners will receive a prize package, including a surprise kpop album and other random goodies
  • We will announce the winners and notify them via message during our anniversary spam

Easy right? 

Also on April 26th, we will be unveiling our new theme layout and a new banner! So, spend these last days whispering your sweet confessions of love to Sungjong’s booty before we send him off. 

Thanks for following us these past 3 years and good luck in the giveaway!

there’s only a week left to enter!

good luck!

Anonymous asked:
After you receive this, share 5 random facts about yourself and pass it on to your 10 favorite followers (◕‿◕✿)

These are all totally real:

1. We are sorceresses.

(Durmstrang is real, but you didn’t hear that from us)


2. We were connected at birth, but were separated and Hayden was frozen for a year due to complications of the separation surgery.

(and that’s why Claire is a year older and we are actually the same person)


3. We did not attend the BAP LOE concert in NY not because we didn’t get tickets, but because we are wanted in New York for money laundering.

(we will be wearing extensive disguises to see Block B in June)


4. Claire once stabbed a guy at a Mötley Crüe concert.

(she is srs when she says she’ll kill you over her ultimate bias)


5. Hayden has 37 cats and a Komodo dragon.

(his name is Stuart)




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Anonymous asked:
why does this blog load slowly for me? i mean, all other blogs i visit are a lot faster than this one. sad considering im a fan of thighs and schlongs.

hmmm not sure…. might be the playlist loading up takes extra time? i mean there’s only one song right now so i dunno. 

the theme will be changing in a couple weeks though soooo hopefully the issue can be resolved with that

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let’s just all marvel at all that perfectly round glory




thanks hajle!




that looks delicious.

thanks bulletproof-scouts!

x x x 

I have died


i have been arrested

thanks bulletproof-scouts!

Noona Killer x


run awwAaaaaAAYYyY

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there are very few things that are better than white pants.


and fewer things better than sweet chennie chen in white pants.

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There is a lust in my soul that is deeper and darker than anything you can imagine right now.

um this was submitted to us but i don’t know how to tumblr and forgot who it was…..

but happy monday anyway everyone.

Welcome To The XIUBOOTY World 。*゚

omg he’s so sassy with it.

thanks hajle!